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As the song says, "You spin me right round, baby, right round." That's roulette. The wheel spins around and around and nobody knows where it will stop. That's the alore, the intrigue, the suspense is what makes it one of the most popular games on the casino floor. For those who live for this feeling, one online casino has replicated all the excitement and suspense so that you can get your kicks from the comfort of your home. roulette is the best you'll find.

Feels like you're on the casino floor when playing roulette

It's true, you aren't on a casino floor when playing roulette so the experience isn't exactly the same. It could be even better than the real thing with roulette though.

First off you get to enjoy from wherever you choose. That's maybe the main benefit to online casinos. You don't have to drive to the casino, find parking, get down to the casino floor, and search for an open spot at the table. All of that headache is taken away when you play roulette.

The headache may be gone but the experience isn't. This is because roulette is as close to the in-person experience as you can get. It has a fully immersive atmosphere.'s roulette achieves this because it is indeed a live dealer right on camera doing everything they would do in a traditional brick and mortar casino. You see them on camera, they drop the ball, show the results, calculate the winnings and do everything as if you were really there.

They will talk too. That's always an undervalued part of it, isn't it? The conversation and watching the person drop the ball all adds to the experience and roulette ensures you still get that. It's what is lost when you are just playing a computer animation version of roulette. roulette gives the full experience. You don't have to just watch the screen where a computer determines if you win or lose. Don't forget that aspect either. Having a live dealer with roulette allows for runs and streaks where you can build up a huge stack. The odds aren't decided by some computer with roulette. It's all left up to chance, just as it should be.

There's more than one way to spin the wheel

Traditional roulette is great, but for those seeking variations to the classic, has other roulette versions.

If you want to try something new you can try spread bet roulette. This version of roulette offers a variety of side bets to spice things up a bit.

Some other versions include quantum roulette, prestige roulette, and speed roulette. All there are nine different types of roulette in all with each featuring live dealers for the most immersive and enjoyable experience possible. roulette isn't all that's offered

Certainly, roulette could become your favorite thing to gamble on but you aren't limited just to roulette. There is a full online casino at your disposal ensuring you won't get bored.

There's a wide variety of slot machine games for instance. In fact, there are 82 different virtual games to try your luck on.

There is also a sports book. The sporting events you can bet on come from all over the world. You can find matches from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Virtual sports are also available. This is where you bet on game results played by computers. This ensures there is always a game going on to place a bet on.

It should also be mentioned they have other live casino tables to play on including live blackjack with a real dealer on camera just like roulette.

Players can play whatever they choose. Try them all or stick to a favorite. It doesn't matter. Whatever you play gives you a chance to win and qualifies you for special rewards like no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonus given frequently

Of course there are special promotions always going on that allow players to maximize the value of making a deposit. You can get a 100 percent match on your first deposit as well as up to 180 free spins.

Of course, the rewards players love to receive the most are no deposit bonuses. Loyal players who play on frequently will receive these types of bonuses from time to time to reward them for continuing to come back but right now, any new registering player can get a no deposit bonus right away.

Indeed, if you register a new account will give you a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins instantly. The spins are for their brand new slot machine game called Age of the Gods. You could win real money without ever making a deposit.

There are a variety of other bonuses and rewards that come about from time to time so if you do decide to, always keep an eye on their promotions page. You could find one that is to your liking and maximizes the value you get from the casino.

Join VIP to get more

If you are wondering how to get a no deposit bonus, and other rewards, for being a loyal customer, the VIP program is the answer. The VIP program brings the extra special treatment. You'll get your own personal account manager as well exclusive deals and gifts.

These include promotions tailored specifically for you and your interests. This can be anything from higher deposit match percentages, free spins on games you like to play, higher deposit limits or even tickets to a major sporting event that allows betting.

Rest assured all of these deals, promotions, gifts and games come with the safety of a credible casino. is regulated by third party entities which assures fair play as well as the security to know your money is safe.

In fact there are different versions of the casino for different countries ensuring an experience that suits you. has a UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Canada FR, African and Croatian sites. Chances are you'll have an option to play in the language you know.